Nazi drug use: Is the extent of the use of drugs by the Nazi's not fully appreciated?

  • There is probably lots of things not fully appreciated

    The Nazi organisation was an incredibly in-depth movement with a huge amount of levels to it. Due to the atrocities that happened it is inevitable that other aspects of the group get missed. Things such as drug use probably are under appreciated as well as other aspects. The affects drugs can have on your brain may have affected their extremism too.

  • The extent of the use of drugs by the Nazi's is not fully appreciated

    The extent of the use of drugs by the Nazi's is not fully appreciated. However, what is really to appreciate? Sounds more like excuse making to me. Drugs or not, the root of what those deplorable people did was pure and simple evil. Drugs are bad, m'kay, but evil is worse.

  • Nazi drug use is not fully understood.

    Nazi drug use is not fully understood. This topic is new to myself included. However it is no surprise that drugs could be a factor in the Nazi world as much as any other place and time on earth. Nazi may have been particularly interested in finding concoctions that fit into their agenda to harm certain people or in building up their own race with things like steroids.

  • No, people make their own decision to participate.

    While drug use could have been a small factor in Nazi participation and the actions carried out, the main factor is the choice made by individuals to participate in that drug use or in Nazism. It seems that there are some who may be trying to shrug off some personal accountability that belongs squarely on the shoulders of the men and women who engaged in and provided support for such atrocious acts. Other sweeping perpetrators include intimidation and fear, along with the unavoidable, innate desire we have as human beings to believe in an ideology that is bigger than ourselves. Our biggest weakness as human beings just may be the lack of initiative and desire to pursue the knowledge required to root out the right ones from the very wrong ones.

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