NBA draft: Should the Cavs have selected Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick?

  • Every team has their own decision.

    When it comes picking a team every coach and every person who is involved in picking the team had the right to pick who they choose. If they happened to like the first round pick than there is nothing wrong with that, it's their choice to chose who they want.

  • Yes the Cavs should have selected him

    I think that the Cavs should have definitely selected Andrew Wiggins for the first overall pick. He is the best player in the draft and I think will be a great player in the NBA. I think these types of players don't come around often and when you get the chance you have to draft them.

  • Must have Faith

    I believe they should have picked him because He is a wonderful player and full of determination. Despite what other people may be saying he has plenty of potential to be an asset to the team. If he applies the hardwork needed to cultivate his craft he can very well be a great star and take the team places but the success is up to him.

  • Needed a sure thing

    Andrew Wiggins is most likely going to become an amazing player superstar level, but after drafting Anthony Bennett last year which turned out to be what looks like a bust, the cavs should have gone with a player that has proven he can play ie. Jabari Parker. Parker and Wiggins going into college were pretty much neck and neck but giving the edge to Wiggins because of his athleticism and potential, but after seeing both player in college it was clear Parker was more NBA ready. Wiggins especially in March Madness disappeared, getting very few points. Of course in college he did show signs of potential especially with some of his fantastic drives but Jabari (even though Duke got out) was amazing and consistent. He showed he was smarter than Wiggins off ball especially by making great plays that help his team. All in all both players are great picks but Cleveland should have gone with Parker too avoid what happened last year. Parkers would be able to take on solid minutes and put up some solid numbers.

  • Does he have a hurt foot?

    I don't' agree because I heard on a sports news broadcast that he had various injuries and health issues and either had or not had a surgery. If that is that young man, then why draft him so high. I believe they are in such dire need of good players that they should have traded that pick away for more draft choices.

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