• They are the team to beat.

    Yes, the Miami Heat will win the NBA finals, because it is their year. They are a team that plays team basketball. When players in the NBA are superstars that's great for star power, but it's not the type of thing that wins championships. The Heat have figured out how to pass, assist, and win as a team.

  • Miami will win!!!

    I think that the Miami Heat will win and be champion. I think they have too good of a team to lose and will continue to be dominate. I think they have a great team and are definitely a favorite to win. I think they are built to win and unless a injury or something happens have a great chance.

  • Yes, The Heat Will Win!

    I think the Heat has this one in the bag. They were off to a rocky start with Lebron James' leg cramps but they are one of the best teams in the NBA. I believe they will win the finals. They are up against a lot of good teams, but I believe they all have the power to pull through and win.

  • It's very possible!

    The Miami Heat have come on very strong during this NBA seasons and I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would certainly bet for the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals this year. They have a very good team of veteran players who know the game extremely well.

  • Spurs are the team to beat

    The Spurs are more experienced in this situation and the Spurs, without a doubt have the deeper team. It was even evident in Game 1 when the heat where out of the game as soon as LeBron left with cramps. The Heat barely came out with the ring last year and this year the Spurs have came back with a better roster and just one more reason to win.

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