NBA Star Bryce Dejean-Jones was killed for reportedly entering the wrong home. Is this plausible?

  • If it's true.

    If he actually set foot into somebody else's house, whether there was malicious intent or not, he is still trespassing and most people have the right to shoot on sight with no questions asked because you are on their property and they have no frame of reference as to why you are in their house. With that being said just don't go into other people's houses uninvited.

  • Professional athletes are human being too.

    While seemingly unlikely, it is possible for NBA star Bryce Dejean-Jones to have been killed for entering the wrong home. While he is an NBA star, it is important to remember that even professional athletes and celebrities are also human beings and are not immune to chance occurrences and freak accidents.

  • Bryce Dejean-Jones story does not add up

    The story about why Bryce Dejean-Jones was killed, reportedly for entering the wrong home, does not seem plausible. The story is that he thought he was entering his girlfriend's home. However, it does not seem logical that he wouldn't know her home, or, upon entering, would not recognize it was the wrong place.

  • The murder of Bryce Dejean Jones is mysterious as it is tragic

    It seems that Dejean-Jones was not in his right mind for kicking in a door - whether it was his apartment or not. If he locked himself out, would he not have a cellphone to call his family or the authorities for help? Couldn't he ask the super of the apartment for assistance. It also seems that Dejean-Jones wanted to cause distress to his neighbor. Was he out for vengeance? Apparently, the two didn't have any personal relationship. The neighbor was trying to defend himself during the attack. The details are unclear. Unfortunately, Dejean-Jones is not here to make a statement. It just doesn't look good.

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