NBA's new $24 billion TV rights deal: Does Lebron James deserve to make more than $21 million over the next two years?

  • Yes He Does

    It rare to come across players of Lebron James calibre. Just like in soccer we have christiano Ronaldo and Messi being payed a hefty amount of money, I see no reason why Lebron James should not pocket $21 million over the next to years. Being an MVP several times, he deserves even more.

  • Lebron Deserves His Pay

    Lebron James is amongst the greatest players in NBA. The ever rising advertisement and TV rights revenues justify NBA players higher pay. If the players don`t give all and don`t do their best in matches the audience will shift to other sport and the revenues will decrease. It`s like an investment in higher productive machine - it costs more but it pays out large.

  • Yes, he makes more money for them.

    Yes, Lebron James deserves the money he's getting, and should make even more. What's $21 million compared to $24 billion? As a superstar, he is making more money for others than he is for himself. They give him the platform to showcase his talent, but he takes all the risks. Superstars do not last forever, but the NBA sure will.

  • No, I don't think Lebron James deserves to make more than $21 million dollars over the next two years.

    In my opinion, no athlete should be making that kind of money. While Lebron James is a skilled athlete and has a great agent who advocates for him, there is not reason he should be paid that type of money. Especially when there are thousands of familiies living below the poverty level because their jobs (which are more necessary to everyday life than basketball) do not pay a living wage.

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