NBC dismisses "Today" show executive Jamie Horowitz: Is this a step in the right direction?

  • Yes. NBC has been losing market share.

    NBC has been losing market share for the Today Show. It used to be the go-to morning show for most people, but now other network's morning shows are competing very hard against "Today." While it's difficult to diagnose exactly what the problem is, replacing a higher level executive will hopefully shake things up a bit.

  • Dismissal was necessary

    In a perfect world everyone would get along, respect each other's differing oppinions and keep personal politics out of the workplace. Since this is not a perfect world I think it was necessary for NBC to take the lead and dismoss Jamie Harowitz and let him move on to a more harmonious position.

  • No, NBC dismissing Jamie Horowitz is not a step in the right direction

    I do not agree with NBC dismissing Jamie Horowitz (Today show executive). As far as I know, this program has been having problems for several years. I am not sure I can see how this guy is to blame. NBC may want to look a little higher up the ladder for an answer to the show's problems.

  • Super bad call

    Clearly what they had going on at nbc prior to horowitz's arrival was not working... They should give him a chance and see what he comes up with. His official start date wasn't even until December 1st. Sounds like the real problem is the woman who fired him... Maybe she needs to go?

  • Change for Change's Sake Never Works

    Getting rid of someone after two months or so is not a helpful step. You can make the argument that if something isn't working then don't continue with it, but it never helps to change so quickly soon after hiring someone. There must have been some good reasons to bring Horowitz in, so why not give him a proper chance?

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