NCAA proposes athletes could receive unlimited food: Should college athletes receive all meals free?

  • I am one

    I literally spend every moment of my time either in class, at practice, recovering from practice or studying. Other than that I am sleeping. The "recovering from practice" part includes countless hours in the training room getting worked on to make sure my body stays functioning properly. Throughout all this there is zero time to work. If I get a job, either athletics or academics will suffer as a result. Don't even get me started about social life, or the lack there of. Because of the fact that we don't get free meals, and my family can't afford the expensive meal plans, I go hungry a lot. Which I find absurd because of what I do for the university not to mention the fact that I am not on scholarship so the university profits from my tuition as well.

  • The NCAA is On To Something Great In Giving Free Meals To College Atheletes.

    I think that the NCAA is going to really make a big difference in many lives if they choose to make meals free for college athletes. In doing this it will ensure that the athletes will be provide the right nutrition needed to perform and stay healthy. Nutrition is often overlooked in college students.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Some athletes already receive free meals from their University, but now the NCAA wants them all to have free food. Well, that's great, but there are many college students who are simply starving in order to be able to afford to attend college. Lets give them all free food, rather than just giving it to the athletes.

  • No Free Meals for Athletes

    Athletes should not receive all meals free. They should get free meals before and after games -- meals that require fueling up and then recovering after exertion. Giving them free food throughout their college career is just overkill. Athletes are spoiled by rewards to begin with. Give the food to poor students who work minimum wage to pay their tuition.

  • College is not a place for sports

    To begin with you don't go to college to play sports you go there to learn. And it doesn't make sense that athletes get food free that makes no sense whatsoever. They already get a leave of absence, there's no point in giving them privileges playing for the college team does not make you above others

  • No they should not.

    College's should not allow athletes to receive all meals free as it would create more inequality and cause many other issues to spark. They should instead take the huge amount of money they make each year off the kids and use that to pay them so they can consider playing as a job and be able to pay for their own food.

  • Enough of the romanticism of sports in America

    It is obvious that sports inhibit a dangerously significant place in the American psyche and that needs to stop.

    Time and time again athletes are rewarded disproportionately to the work that they do. Just because college athletes can kick or throw a ball does not mean that they should benefit while everyone else does not.

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