NCAAP president says a library card or college ID is sufficient as voter identification. Do you think voter ID should be required at all?

  • Yes it should.

    Seriously, why is this an issue? ID is required to purchase white-out at Wal-Mart. But for some reason, when it comes to choosing the next leader of the free world, it's now racist to ask for ID? Since when is verifying someone's elligibillity ever racist? Especially when EVERYONE has to do it?

  • It's about cheating

    It's not racist to ask for an ID that anyone can get for free. But an ID makes it harder to cheat. Anyone can get a state ID for free if they say that they can't pay for it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make sure elections are fair and that people can't cheat to win office. Voters should have to present ID in order to vote.

  • Yes, voter ID should be required to combat fraud.

    I believe that Voter ID should be required. I think it is necessary to prevent fraud. But. I do not think the ID needs to be government-issued. Many people have obstacles that prevent them from getting a government ID. But, everyone should be able to get some sort of ID to prove who they are at the polls.

  • Yes, voter id should be required by all

    Though making library card or college ID to be sufficient as voter identification would ensure that more people are going for voting, there is also a possibility that this would lead to voter frauds. Making a standard and uniform Voter ID as the only voter identification would mean that no one could try fraudulent practices as tracking would also be easier

  • Of course it should

    We need to know that you are a resident of the country you are voting in? We need to know that you have not voted before in the same election! We need to know you are of the legal voting age! This is common sense! Voting ids are needed. Not having them is stupid.

  • Keep it a bit more organized

    Very few people lie to vote, but even so, it's important to have some way to make sure people are being honest.
    Anything with your name (and preferably age too) should be enough to vote. It proves your identity, and nearly everyone has something issued to them with their name on it. Ask people to bring a picture of themselves also, if they don't have photo ID, or take a picture of them there.
    Voter ID is important, but it shouldn't be as big of a deal as it currently is.

  • Age and Citizenship

    You can get a library card without being 18... you can also get one without being a US citizen. I could understand a college ID being sufficient-- might actually get that population to vote. But a library card? Might as well just show up with a macaroni sculpture. I think voter ID's are important. Makes sure people aren't voting multiple times, and that people who are actually tax paying citizens are the ones voting.

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