Nearly 8,000 people in China apply for one job. Is the Chinese economy worse than they are letting on?

  • Too Many People

    If there's that many applicants for one job, that shows how many people are unemployed and looking for work to support their families. The odds are very bad and that shows the ones making the most money is only a small percentage of the population. Their economy may look good but the population's standard of living is probably not.

  • Yes, it's likely China's economy is worse than they're saying

    China is unlikely to tell the truth to the rest of the world if they are facing economic struggles. It brings them more supposed power and leverage if they keep up the idea that they have a robust economy. Still, with the news of job searches and the known slowing it seems more likely that China is not telling the full truth about their economic situation.

  • They want to appear strong.

    Yes, I believe that the Chinese economy is struggling even worse than the economy in the United States is. The Chinese people are known for their passion about education and commitment to hard work, and they are not afraid to work. This means there is more competition for even less jobs.

  • Yes they are

    Recently, nearly eight thousand people applied for one single job, The Chinese economy is obviously considerable worse than they are letting on. This comes as something of a surprise to me, since they have the rule where you are only allowed to have one child. How on earth can they have all those people applying for the same job, unless it was a highly sort after one, in an area where there are a lot of unemployed people

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