Needle exchanges: Do needle exchanges improve (yes) or damage (no) communities, business, etc.?

  • No, needle exchanges damage the community

    Needle exchanges do not contribute positive values to the community, business, groups of persons, nor individuals in our society. Such exchanges do not solve the issues that they intend to solve, and in reality, they most likely make matters worse. There is not positive outcome that can be achieved from a needle exchange, and it does not assist those who need help the most; the persons whom recieve the new needles.

  • No, needle exchanges condone crime.

    No, needle exchange programs do not improve the community, because they send the message that drug use is ok. In addition, society might be able to help one person from getting a disease at one time, but if a person is engaging in high-risk behavior, they will likely be the victim of a disease or another problem at some point, sooner or later.

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