Neil Armstrong is know for walking on the Moon, but did he actually walk on the Moon?

  • Neil Armstrong walked on the moon

    It is my opinion that Neil Armstrong actually went into space and landed on the moon. I feel that he walked on the moon, and that there is enough strong evidence to prove that man has indeed touched down on the moon. Moon rocks, video, and pictures can corroborate Neil's story.

  • They did it.

    Yes, Neil Armstrong is known for walking on the Moon, and that is what happened. He and others testified that he really walked on the Moon. The video was even broadcast live on television. They developed the science to land on the moon and demonstrated it by blowing off many rockets before the moon launch.

  • Yes, he walked on the moon.

    If there is one thing I cannot stand it is moon landing conspiracy theorists. These people want me to believe that Nasa built a rocket, launched it, created a fake video, and a Hollywood set? This actually would have ended up costing more than the actual moon landing. He definitely walked on the moon.

  • I Believe So

    I believe Neil Armstrong did walk on the Moon. I do not believe this feat was faked by the government. Given the space race and the competition involved and the technology of the time, there is no reason to assume there is a conspiracy here. I don't understand why people question this so much.

  • Yes, I think Neil Armstrong is known for walking on the Moon.

    I think enough time has gone by that it would have leaked out by now if the entire moon landing was faked, I think there is beyond a reasonable doubt at this point that Neil Armstrong did land and walk on the moon and televise it back to the earth.

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