NEPHILIM (Fallen Angels) are causing terrorists to evolve and spread. True or false?

Asked by: waterscalming
  • Nephilim are causing the spread evil

    If the Nephlim are not causing the spread of Evil, How come it took the serpant to cause Eve and adam to sin? If the Nephilim are not trying to spread evil, how come there's reports of giants and mythological tales of giants and angels?

    IF there are not evidence of giants to include egyptian hieroglyphs(?) paintings on the pyramids of giants next to normal sized humans in the drawings, doesn't this tell something we aren't being told?

    If there are no evil spirits/demons from the Nephilim spreading dissent, evil, and lack of truth and morality how do religions have *extremists* claiming it is in the name of their faith, when it could or could not be depending on how someone views that faith?

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