Neptune, N.J. police sergeant pleads guilty to killing wife and daughter: can our police force be trusted?

  • Most police really are good

    There are always stories about police officers breaking the law, doing things they shouldn't. The thing is, they are humans. They come from the same population as everyone else. There is bound to be a bad seed in every bunch, no matter what profession. It's a part of human nature. There is no reason we should distrust the police in general. The majority of them are good, honest people seeking to serve the people they are sworn to protect.

  • Of course, our police force can be trusted

    What does under New Jersey police officer pleading guilty to killing his wife and daughter have to do with the issue of trusting the police? It's a sad statement when we take one bad apple and indict the entirety of the police. It's time to step back and view this issue objectively and reasonably.

  • Yes, I believe that our police force can be trusted.

    Yes, I believe that our police force can be trusted because I strongly believe that a majority of police officers are genuinely good people. Although there have recently been a lot of controversies surrounding the actions of police officers, I still believe that the actions by a few shouldn't affect the integrity of the whole.

  • It's time to change

    Police departments across the nation need urgent reform. I understand that police officers work in very stressful situations and there are lives are in danger. This does not give them the right to harm innocent people, or even people who may or may not be guilty. The way police departments operate needs to be completely changed.

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