Nestle Discovers Water: Should Nestle be allowed to get water from an area in a drought?

  • Yes, because they bought the water well so they should have the right

    Guelph has been taking water out of this well without purchasing the well and that mayor of guelph's mayor even said that Nestle taking the well has no affect on guelph on CBC on August 5th and Nestle has also bought it from guelph so if guelph did not want it sold then they should have payed more for it.

  • Replace "water" with "air" and read that again

    Buying the water does not automatically give Nestle the right to use it in an area where there are people who need it to survive. Nestle is a large company; they have the resources to get water elsewhere. Taking what is a basic necessity not only to human life but to all life in the surrounding area is close to objectively amoral, especially when 80% of the planet consists of it.

  • No, Nestle does not have a supreme right to acquire water.

    Water is one of the most important requirements for living things, second only to air, and access to clean water is therefore a basic human right. No private corporation should be able to acquire it regardless of external factors such as drought or surpassing human need. The way Nestle has been paying a pittance to take water from all over the world, put it in non-biodegradable plastic containers, and resell it for a profit goes against both environmental and moral considerations.

  • Water is life

    No company should be allowed to use their wealth to extract one of our most fundamentally-needed resources - water- from a drought area, to then sell it to those who desperately need it, just to make even more profits. That has to be the ultimate in exploitation. Nestle have used some dubious business practices in the past, but this is the worst so far.

  • No, Nestle should not be allowed to get water from areas in drought.

    It is morally irresponsible to take water from one area that is experiencing a drough and ship it to another place that has plenty of water. Water is an essential natural resource, and it should not be taken away from the people who need it the most. By taking water from this region they are prolonging the drought and making it more difficult from everyone.

  • In times of crisis the government should take care of its constituents

    While those of the private sector like to tap into any resource that comes their way, in terms of crisis the government should take care of its constituents. And that includes water. Even if Nestle were given the go-ahead, I think enough westerners would be irate enough to boycott the company and also give them a bad rap. Nestle's PR department might want to give this a little more thought since they may have an upstream swim on this idea.

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