• Food recalls becoming way too common

    It seems like every week or so, there is a recall. Most commonly, it seems there are food recalls. While this may be unsettling to many Americans, many may have an "it comes with the territory" attitude. Anytime there is mass production, there is bound to be a slip up every now and then. I believe this is why more and more Americans are taking to providing their own foods.

  • Food Recalls Becoming the Norm

    Like anything else, when the media is saturated with endless announcements of food recalls, the populace becomes used to them, therefore the attention and the awareness that they once had wanes and they no longer see this as an issue. Instead they see this as the norm and become desensitized to food recalls.

  • I think so, unfortunately.

    There's a perception nowadays that we are too careful and too quick to overreact. And if you look at Chipotle, if the e-coli thing happened 10 or 20 years ago, it might sink them. Now, Chipotle is probably going to take a hit, but plenty of their shops still get good crowds. As far as Nestle is concerned, they are a big company with a wide range of products. It would be hard to take them down.

  • It seems to me a company that feeds its customers glass should no longer exist

    Nestle has their hands in many pies, so to speak. They recently had to recall over a million products due to what some news outlets call "foreign objects," while others identify them as glass. In my opinion, that should cause mass protest and practically hysteria. But I never hear about it in the media, and personally had never even heard of the issue until I specifically looked it up.

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