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  • He is a monster

    Netanyahu is a fascist of the highest order, and is doing all he can to make Israel a pariah on the world stage. Particularly in America, he is trying to force American Jews to side with Israel or be branded self-hating anti-semites. He is essentially no different than Islamist extremists attempting to force Muslims to split from their national pride for religious ideology.

  • No, the investigations of Netanyahu are not witch hunts.

    No, the investigations of Netanyahu are not witch hunts. The people of Israel should be able to conduct fair and transparent investigations of their elected officials in order to determine if they are trustworthy and if any wrongdoing has been committed. These investigations should continue unfettered until they are concluded.

  • NO, it is not.

    Netanyahu has committed some pretty serious grievances. He has done a number of abad things that have affected many people around the world. It is about time that he is under investigation. He may have done some good thing, but the world deserves a closer look at his actions and their consequences.

  • Investigating Netanyahu after new evidence arises is not a With Hunt.

    Opening an investigation of a possible crime cannot be considered a Witch Hunt. Since there was evidence through documentation that could be considered proof of a crime than open an investigation cannot be regarded as a harassing act. Ignoring credible evidence can be doing more harm than good no matter how annoying it is to the recipient.

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