Netflix Daredevil show: Do you think it's too soon for another retelling of the Daredevil comic?

  • Too Soon for More Daredevil

    Over saturating the market can hurt pop culture icons tremendously, so they should wait awhile before they do another retelling of the Daredevil comic. When it comes to creating audience loyalty, it's important to always leave them wanting more. The next retelling of the Daredevil comic should be in about a year.

  • Yes, it's too soon for another ?Daredevil movie.

    Hollywood is really milking the super hero genre style of movie, so much so that they are becoming tiresome, and now Netflix is jumping on the super hero bandwagon. Are there really no other stories out in the creative universe worth telling other than those of a crime fighter in a costume?

  • The Daredevil Movie!

    I do not feel that it is too soon for their to be a retelling of the original Daredevil comic. I feel that their are many fans out their that love this particular comic. So I feel they are trying to stay on top of what is current, as well as what the fans want. So it looks like a win win situation.

  • Comics can always reset

    There is an idea that reboot or retelling of story is too soon when it comes to comic stories. This isn't true at all. Comics are known to have reboots within the paper comics, so for those people that read comics this might be natural to them. I don't know of anyway to salvage or better tell story but trying again. Now this doesn't mean we have to have another reboot of Spiderman just because we have a new actor. We instead just have to keep creating better stories that allow the viewer to forget who is playing the part in the first place.

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