• Business will continue to boom for Netflix!

    Netflix will continue to see a rise in rates due to customers increasing frustrations with commercial ridden cable TV as well as the popularity of certain Netflix original shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black which has quickly become a guilty pleasure of millions of American women.

  • Online Streaming is the future of entertainment

    There is no reason to think that amount of Netflix subscribers will not continue to rise. People are starting to realize how much more convinent online streaming services, such as Netflix, is when compared to traditional TV. As more people start watching Netflix, more shows will want to be put onto it, meaning even more will subscribe. The numbers will only continue to rise.

  • Netflix is still going up

    Netflix cannot be stopped. This company has done everything right. They have made movie rental stores, television providers, and dvr obsolete. You can still watch your favorite shows and movies and it's a fraction of the cost. Also, with the release of their own television shows, exclusively on Netflix, they can only go up.

  • Netflix is on the rise

    Budgets are getting tighter and cable and satellite rates are getting higher, all while our appetite for entertainments gets bigger. People are subscribing to Netflix more and more because it's cheap, there is lots of variety to choose from, and perhaps most of all, there are no commercials! Cable is on the out, Netflix is on the rise.

  • Netflix will crumble:

    While other businesses are going the way of the dinosaur Amazon and Hulu and various other alternatives are starting to catch on and pressing harder. It is not that NetFlix won't last for a while but it's growth, even if it did double it's profits this year to 71m, will meet competition that will rival it within the next few years for sure.

    Very rarely are businesses able to monopolize something for very long and pretty soon Netflix will be using it's brand equity as it's tool rather than it's services.

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