• Yes I do!

    I love Netflix, and highly prefer it over cable. You can choose so much more to watch. I have a very busy life so I don't really mind waiting for my shows to pop onto Netflix. Cable rarely has anything I want to watch on it, and is much more expensive.

  • Yes, Netflix is my soulmate

    I absolutely love Netflix and has been subscribe to it for a long time. It has different movies and shows to chose from and I can also catch up on any episodes I missed from any of my favorite tv shows. I really enjoy netflix and hope t see this company progress.

  • Netflix Subscription Service

    I watch Netflix. It is an easy collection of movies and TV shows wonderful for children and adults. The wide variety offers something for everyone, and although sometimes they run out of things to watch that are current, they are rewatchable. It is a great alternative to cable TV, as long as you don't mind being up to date with all of the things playing on TV.

  • Netflix Is Still Too Restrictive

    The massive change is coming to viewing habits. In many households, it already has. I still don't like have to search and find what I want to watch and wait for it to be downloaded. I enjoy the old school way of watching one episode every week. I just don't have the time to binge watch.

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