Netflix Swoops In To Stream Gotham: Will this be the beginning of the downfall of cable TV?

  • New TV Shows Online

    I think if Netflix began streaming very popular TV shows that cable TV would become obsolete. It is a way to watch the show without waiting through commercials. With patience seeming to be at an all time low in the US, I think it would be a very bad thing for cable TV if newer shows began to show up on a platform like Netflix.

  • I hope so!

    Cable is so expensive, and most of the time there is nothing I want to see on! Hundreds of channels, and not ONE show? I really hate cable, I prefer Netflix because I have so many options. I just wish they had more new stuff, and Netflix would be perfect.

  • Not Just The Beginning, It's Already Here

    The success of Netflix has sounded the death knell for cable television. It is very similar to what has happened to broadcast networks since cable television starting to make inroads decades ago. Access driven by the provider will be gone, and access demanded by the user will become the normal course.

  • No, netflixs has tons of different shows and none of then will be the downfall of cable tv

    I do not believe that Netflix streaming Gotham is going to be the downfall of cable tv. Netlix has a huge selection of different movies and tv shows to chose from, all of these shows and movies grab the interest of different people and what kind of shows and movies they enjoy watching.

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