Netflix versus the big ISPs: Will Netflix come out on top?

  • Netflix for the Win

    I believe that Netflix will surpass the big ISPs. Netflix started as small company that went around to places like Blockbuster video and offered to partner with them to start a new segment in their company. When they were laughed out of the board room they started their own company. Since then, Blockbuster has almost completely gone out of business and Netflix is a household commodity. With their continual addition of new games and movies I believe they can out live any new fad.

  • They will be bought out.

    No, Netflix will not come out on top versus the big ISPs, because Netflix is too small. Netflix has already shown that they are vulnerable to making poor choices, such as when they raised their rates and lost many customers at once. Charter or Comcast will quickly learn that they can provide their own service at a lower cost.

  • Not without help

    Netflix is fighting a losing battle unless it receives massive assistance. It would be great if this assistance could come from Netflix customers, but unfortunately for many of us, we do not have other ISP options in our areas so that we can actually threaten Comcast and their ilk with cancelling our services. The help is going to have to come from the government and it is going to start when they finally make ISPs common carriers. That is a doubtful proposition at best based on recent rulings.

  • I Have My Doubts

    I do not believe Netflix will come out on top if they are going up against the big ISPs. Netflix is something that many people love and adore, but as it is now. I think some big ISPs could gang up on Netflix to gain control of it. It is doubtful Netflix has a chance unless the government steps in to support them and other companies like Netflix.

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