Netflix's Marco Polo has a Rotten Tomatoes Critic rating of 27% and a user rating of 96% is this a result of bias by critics?

Asked by: Muhly
  • I'm not sure what else it could be.

    Marco Polo boast wonderful cinematography, excellent costume and set design and a rarely shown perspective of a foreign culture. So why the very negative reviews? Well I'm not sure why its at least on par with most of television although critics constantly compare it to game of thrones a unfair comparison in my opinion the show may attempt to incorporate elements of Game of Thrones but I see it being much more similar to shows like the Tudors and Reign just with more action. There are fair criticisms but when this show is slow to start with characters are not as developed as I would like but still much more than the majority of television shows and the plot slows in some spots but it becomes much more engaging in the end. My biggest criticism would be the nudity it seems to be in excess and not necessary to the plot on most occasions.

  • Not specifically so

    Everyone is biased. The Critics will be applying different standards than the Users. So both sides are biased. My guess is that Critics may include more people who are upset over things like historical inaccuracy or who take issue with all the nudity.

    Me personally my biggest complaint is why they have to make Kublai Khan talk in a manner where I can't understand him. I have to put on closed captioning just to understand what he says. Other than that great series.

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