Nevada cattle rancher: Should Americans who don't pay their taxes be considered "domestic terrorists"?

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  • Most certainly not!

    The government using guns to invade a mans ranch simply because he did not want them to extort him out of his money is what's the real terrorism. Taxes are a disgrace to humanity. Our government is nothing more than thugs and extortion artists who feel justified in stealing money from the public and if you don't comply they label you as a 'domestic terrorist'.

  • No, But Americans Who Confront Bill Collectors for Money They Legitimately Owe with Assault Weapons Should.

    This question is utterly misleading. Of course Americans who fail to pay their taxes aren't necessarily terrorists, but that was NOT the situation in Nevada. It wasn't just that the rancher wasn't paying taxes, it's that he got away with getting free grazing land that wasn't his for decades when he was supposed to pay the owners, in this case the government, for its use. And when they came to collect, he not only refused to pay, but got armed gunmen to confront the collectors.

    All I see is an overly entitled redneck who expected something for nothing. And when confronted with his debt, his response is armed insurrection? That's about as terrorist as you can get.

  • Not a terrorist, just a standard tax dodger

    The cattle rancher didn't pay for services he used. If someone in a restaurant left without paying their bill they could be arrested or have other legal action taken -- this is a crime. Likewise it is a crime for this ranch owner to steal the grazing rights for this public piece of land. This land didn't belong to him, it belongs to our country. Yes, he's a citizen of this country, but so am I and I'd get in trouble if I stole something from the government. He stole. He's no terrorist, but he deserves some legal action. They should have taken his cows.

  • No, not paying taxes doen't equal to an terrorist.

    We need to stop using the word terrorist for anyone who rubs the status quo the wrong way and keep in mind that Mr. Bundy believes that the land in question was owned by his family for may years before it was taken from him. This is what the Democrats are very worried about, the revolution against an overbearing U S Govt. that in recent years has placed the USA into towering debt, enough to destroy this once great country. This another reason why so many citizens are refusing to stop owning guns, a fear of a dictatorship government. And the U S Constitution, written with such injustices in mind, supports the people. God bless America and Nil Iligitumus carborundum.

  • Domestic terrorists are those Americans who shed blood on American soil for political gain.

    Cliven Bundy may be a lawbreaker in the eyes of a great many people because of his refusal to pay his fees, and his principled stand may fall into one political ring or another, but his actions lack to fulfill that one important criteria that separates civil disobedience with domestic terrorists: a body count. The Nevada rancher has not spilled blood over his political point of view. If he had, one side of the ideological spectrum could easily and rightfully call him a "domestic terrorist."

  • Not paying your taxes does not make you a domestic terriost

    It is what the Nevada Cattle Ranchers did after that. Bringing weapons, snipers, and militia's who have false motives is where someone can make the case that the ranchers are "domestic terrorists." All this talk about how the right wing hates "freeloaders," and many of them are supporting a cause where we can see what a freeloader really looks like.

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