• Probably one day

    Yes,because mac is more faster than a pc,on top of that it is way more convinient to use than pc's it is way more thinner and all that,hell you could open the latest macbook air's screen by simply pushing it up using one hands,you could run bootcamp in it to support windows so that you can use windows app,plus no average consumer wants to handle registry errors and whole lot of other bullshit,the mac is also useful for work as it has a faster ssd than the majority of it's competitiors(source:benchmark myself using a trustworthy disk benchmark app from the Mac app store),not only that the mac is getting more and more support for games overtime and all the games that I wanna play is in Mac,don't get me wrong but I do sonme intense gaming too,I play Minecraft,CS GO and a whole lot of other games and those games seem to run fine in high settings

  • .Exe it brilliant

    Macs have, have had and always will have crippling compatibility issue, for instance you cannot play a fraction of the number of games on a pc, and a lot of software does not run on mac. For this reason mac will never replace PC for gaming, video editing and rendering and other high consumption activities.

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