New Chinese smartphone Xiaomi threatens Samsung sales: Will Samsung survive the competition from the new smartphone king?

  • Samsung has R&D

    Samsung has huge R&D department for innovation which lakes in chinese smatphones brand. Also chinese manufactureres are not using latest technology
    ex. Samsung device geared up with ddr4 ram while chinese are still using ddr3
    samsung is using sony camera sensor while chinese are using Magnatek (local chinese brand)
    and this goes on in every part Display, Sound, User interface,Microphone

  • Samsung will survive sales.

    I believe that Samsung company will survive the sales of the new chinese smartphone Xiaomi. People may be intimated or have little information about the new product. Also Samsung has loyal customers that rely and are used to teh Samsung company. They will stick with what they are comfortable with.

  • Samsung will survive

    I feel that Samsung will survive although it may be more difficult on them. They have been around a long time and people respect and trust their products. I think Xiaomi will take a little longer to become popular because people will be a little scared to try it at first.

  • Samsung is consistent

    As to what i think, samsung smartphones are very common and have a good amount of sales. I don't think that a new chinese company could threaten there sales to that much of an extent, samsung is innovative and launches a new series now and then to keep things updated and interesting.

  • Samsung will lose market share

    Samsung has spread its mobile phone brand too thin. Too many models and too confusing for Consumers. Reminds me of the General Motors of yesteryear. Xiaomi and Apple are respectively focused on the two spectrums of the Consumer market.

    In the enterprise segment they seem to be going with their own enterprise architecture. Who will the CIO trust? Samsung or IBM? Apple will take this one.

  • No, I dont think Samsung stands a chance if China has their own kinds of smartphones.

    No, I don't think Samsung stands a chance if China has their own kinds of smart phones. The Chinese people are a very big market and if they have a local company doing good things they will choose that one. I think it will be hard for a foreign company to compete with a business that knows and understands its own people.

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