New claim arises that Clinton's private server compromised counter-terrorism operations: should Clinton be sent to prison for her actions?

  • Clinton is a criminal.

    Hillary Clinton should definitely be sent to prison for her actions. As Secretary of State, she held one of the most important jobs in the country. Her main responsibility is to keep Americans safe both in our country and around the world, and she put us all at risk with her private email server.

  • Yes, I think she has proven she is a real threat.

    I’m really hoping people step up on this and push for criminal prosecution. To me, what Hillary did seems like treason. I understand what she did, it was intentional to avoid scrutiny and cover up Benghazi and other things. I think her prosecution is gonna rely on vets and others standing up and demanding she not be let off for one of the largest breaches in recent history. I don’t see how anyone can work for her or in intelligence with her at the helm. She has proven she can’t be trusted with classified material and that America comes last after her bragging, profiteering, and paying back favors to foreign nations and corporations. She is one of those people who cannot learn, cannot tell the truth, cannot follow laws or policies if her life depended on it. I would not hire someone like her to mpw my lawn. She is not qualified and I cannot support her. My family has fought for this country before it was one. I’m gonna be looking out and sharing stuff on this. I hope a group gets together and speaks out when it is not political, so she can’t say it's a smear campaign. I think she has proven she is a real threat.

  • A claim is not proof

    There have been many "claims" throughout the whole issue of Hillary Clinton's email server. However, there has yet to be any true evidence to support the fact that she did, in fact, harm the US by using the server. Furthermore, I don't believe it was ever her intention to act in a dangerous manner with malicious intent. The idea of her going to prison for this is absolutely ludicrous.

  • No, Hillary Clinton is not a tech specialist.

    The United States government should have its own technological savvy team of experts to ensure that its servers remain uncompromised. It is unfair to expect politicians to act as IT techs and Clinton should not be sent to prison if her server was hacked. Instead, the government needs to have experts in place to prevent hacking from occurring in the first place.

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