New documents allege football player Josh Brown abused his wife. Did he get off too easy with a one game suspension?

  • The punishment was not adequate.

    The documents show Josh Brown explicitly confessing to having physically and emotionally abused his wife. This is a serious crime and should warrant far more than a one game suspension. If he had done the same to male players on his team or on opposing teams he would have probably been taken off the team for good. A stiffer penalty would make it clear that football takes violence against women seriously. At this current time, this is not the impression the sport is giving to the public.

  • Josh Brown is an admitted abuser, who should receive a more serious punishment than suspension for one game.

    These days athletes and sportsmen are role models for young people. Josh Brown has admitted his own atrocious behavior to his wife, and should be punished much more seriously than one game's suspension. As it is, young people may come to believe that abusing other people is acceptable behavior: if their heroes can get away with it, it must be acceptable behavior.

  • Compared especially with other suspensions.

    Tom Brady got 4 games for allegedly cheating when it was not proven. For this they should give Brown a worse punishment for doing worse. Ray Rice was dropped for the league for doing something related to this. If his career is over, so should this guys as they did the same crime (if proven).

  • Yes, he got off too easy.

    Yes, a one-game suspension is not enough punishment for Josh Brown abusing his wife. He needs to be suspended for an entire season. During that time, he should be going to counseling, therapy, and retraining. All of these measures would be meant to teach him how to be better to his wife and to women and people in general.

  • Yes, he got off too easy with a one game suspension.

    Yes, he got off too easy with a one game suspension because Tom Brady got four games for deflating footballs. Who did Brady hurt? No one. Josh Brown assaulted a human being and should be punished accordingly. He does not deserve to play in the NFL for the rest of his life.

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