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  • Oil is becoming obsolete

    With so many alternative energy sources like solar and wind power being and improved upon I think we will be able to make oil obsolete. Also we are improving and researching new alternative energy sources so the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new energy sources that can replace oil.

  • We always move on.

    Before we used oil from the earth, we used whale oil to light our lamps. When that became expensive, we looked for something that was less expensive, and we struck black gold. As we use that up, we will find something else to move on to. Americans are very resourceful, and we will invent the next thing.

  • Oil must eventually become obsolete

    Eventually, and it may be a very long time in the future, oil will run out and will therefore become obsolete. It is after all a finite resource. There are developments in other areas of energy production and over the course of time, a method that is more environmentally sound and more efficient than oil will eventually render oil obsolete.

  • Not completely true

    Eventually an efficient energy sorce may be desvovered like cold fusion maybe it can efficiently power our cars , but we will always need it for plastics and as lubricant ect . So oil will mever truly be obsolete . It may have diminished purpose but it will always be useful .

  • While Oil exists, we will use it

    Oil is a natural resource. For this reason it's use will not become obsolete. For as we can find oil and use it to create energy, we will continue to do so. There are issues with pollution, but there is not a sustainable alternative for the mass market, I do not believe we will find one.

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