New England Patriots defense: Without Tom Brady, can the Patriots' defense carry the team?

  • So far, they have proven their worth as a team.

    So far, the Patriots have proven their worth as a team, even in the absence of their star quarterback. With three wins in their first three games, the Pats show that they have strength as an entire team with talent in all positions. I think the Patriots will continue to assert their dominance in the league, with or without Brady.

  • Patriots' defense carrying on

    The New England Patriots' defense is helping to carry the team. The team is 3-0 without Tom Brady, and won last week without their backup quarterback. The defense pitched a shutout against the Houston Texans. This is a rarity in today's NFL, which is dominated by the offense and scoring.

  • No, they cannot.

    Tom Brady is and was an integral part of the Patriots defense and losing him means they have lost their star player. Unless some miracle happens the Patriots will suffer a great deal and they will lose most of their games in the future. They are not very good without him.

  • The Patriots need Tom Brady to be succesful.

    Tom Brady is known as one of the best quarterbacks in history. The Defense of the team is only one side. The Offense is who puts the majority of the points on the board. They may be able to defend against points for the other team but that hardly means they would win the game.

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