New England Patriots have the NFL paid off, unfair calls, not to mention the deflated ball incident

Asked by: chrissiechris
  • NFL paid off

    Such a joke this team caught cheating more than once never pay for it, Brady should of been out in the start of season, how the hell did they manage to turn that around, hitting your wife, your out, drugs, your out, get caught cheating, unless your Tom Brady your out, What a great man for are children to look up to , His a cry baby, complaining nothing of a man shame on him and all the people who don't play fair

  • I agree with talent and smart

    Because its very honest and extremely a go get er ( i need the rest because i have nothing else to talk about so i'm putting down a whole lot of numbers) 1 2 34 2 3 4 3 2 2 4 5 7 8 7 4 5 6 7

  • Talent and Smarts

    This is a very talented thinking team. Tom Brady is not the sole star but, has a specific talent beyond throwing the ball. He has the ability to bring the team together to work as a cohesive unit. They spend a tremendous amount of time studying their opponents and use their weaknesses to their advantage. One the deflategate scandal; more money was spent exhornorating Brady than would have been paid in NFL fines. The civil court case stated there was insufficient evidence against Brady. This was a overblown which hunt perpetrated by a lesser team. This season's team play is testament to this fact.

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