New favorability poll: Is likability enough for Bernie Sanders to overtake Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination?

  • Bernie Sanders is the most likable candidate

    I think Hillary Clinton has no chance to win the democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders is the most liked and will surely win the position. The polls have confirmed it and they will confirm it in the future. Mr Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for presidential nominate for the democrats.

  • I think it is

    I believe that a lot of U.S. citizens are simply tired of Hillary Clinton. Honestly who could really blame them. I mean there is a black cloud hanging over her head with all the allegations and what not. I find it hard to really trust anything that she says. This is why I believe the opportunity for Bernie Sanders exist. He really can only hurt himself at this point.

  • No, Likability is Likely Not Enough for Sanders to Overtake Clinton

    The American population is savvy enough to realize that likability is not a good enough reason to nominate someone for the presidency. Other factors must enter into the equation such as policy statements, credibility and likeliness to be elected. Clinton is a very strong candidate and to overtake her will require a strong candidate, not simply a likable one.

  • Likeability does not lend itself to a serious campaign

    Look at this election cycle's most popular candidates: none of them are likable but maybe because they are Republicans. The electorate is seeking a trustworthy candidate that is somewhat out of the mainstream of the D.C. beltway - this is by far Sanders' strongest appeal. His likeability is debatable as many people find a Brooklyn accent to be off-putting and may stereotype Sanders by his age as a bumbling, confused, angry old man.

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