• Yes there could be a hidden chamber

    Radar scans of Tutankhamun’s resting place in Luxor have shown a 90% chance that there are two hidden chambers to the rear of it, possibly containing metal and organic material, according to Egypt’s antiquities minister, Dr Mamdouh Eldamaty. Based on this, it definitely should be true that there is a hidden chamber there

  • The finding of a hidden chamber in the north and west walls of King Tut's tomb could be the discovery of the century

    Yes, it appears there is a hidden chamber. New technology is being used in archaeology, which means there could be many undiscovered artifacts located. It is an exciting time for archaeology. Radar scans of King Tut's tomb reveal two hidden rooms behind a burial chamber. There is speculation that the tomb could contain the remains of Queen Nefertiti. But this is a long-shot. Years ago, these discoveries weren't possible because computerized search methods were not widely utilized. Scientists will examine the walls and analyze the remains. New discoveries in the tomb could shed some light on the mysteries of ancient Egyptian history.

  • There is a Chamber in Tut's Tomb

    Time and time again, new discoveries seem to constantly be found in these tombs. With hidden doors and compartments, it seems highly likely that a hidden chamber was put in to the tomb of this illustrious man. He was royalty so it seems reasonable that his tomb would have a variety of special features, including a hidden chamber.

  • It's just a rumor

    People love to fantasize about hidden rooms and buried treasure, but there is no evidence that this is the case. When so few people have seen these things, it's common for rumors to spread about things. There are not a lot of people that can refute it. However the hard evidence that a chamber exists just isn't there. It's fantasy for people who want to believe.

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