New Google Allo app available: Do smart apps accurately reflect your personality and intentions?

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  • No, they don't.

    Smart apps do not reflect your personality and intentions accurately like app developers would want people to believe. There people with smart phones but they are just for basic functions like calling and receiving calls, email and social networking. The New Google Allo app is just another app that is highly overrated.

  • They are just computer programming.

    No, smart apps don't accurately reflect a person's personality and intentions, because a smart app is only as good as the programming that's in it. Unless the person who wrote the programming can figure out someone's personality, and then find a way to codify it in a program, there's no way to make an app reflect someone's personality. The science and human ability isn't there yet.

  • There is no way for an electronic device to mirror my personality

    No, smart apps and other similar technologies are not able to accurately reflect my personality and intentions. They can only predict these personal aspects through a set of standards that apply to most people and situations. I am an individual and I don't always fit a given mold, so my personality and intentions are likely to differ from those given to the app.

  • Smart Technology Cannot Read Your Mind

    An app only knows how much as you let it know. One's personality on social media websites is also what you allow to be seen or known. This cannot accurately depict someone's personality fully. Your intentions and personality are your own and what is inside your head. An app cannot know anything about your thoughts and intentions unless you let it know.

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