New HTC M8 phone revealed; camera not that great: Should phones focus more on photography?

  • Yes, with people using their phones more and more as cameras, companies should focus on building a quality camera.

    People use the camera on their phone for everything from selfies to vacation photos. In order for a phone to remain competitive among consumers, it needs to offer features that the average customer uses. People are also relying more on their phones and less on digital cameras, as carrying one electronic is more convenient than two.

  • Yes, excellent camera phones allow photographers affordable equipment.

    Yes, I think phones should focus more on photography. Many people enjoy taking pictures as a hobby, and with the introduction of camera phones, this is a hobby that's become more accessable to the masses. In the past, you would need to buy expensive equipment to get the desired effect. But with high-quality cameras on phones, paired with the many different applications available that have different filters, it allows everyone to enjoy taking pictures, without needing anything additional.

  • Want a camera? Buy a camera!!!

    You're complaining because your phone doesn't have a good camera but it doesn't everything else amazingly just like the M8? Well here's your answer!

    1) A phone is a phone and a camera is a camera

    Your camera doesn't text 20 friends at once so likewise you shouldn't expect your phone to creat a 100 megapixel image. It's a phone. Also, you can use photography apps to make very good photos with just a bit of editing required. First and foremost a phone is a phone with all the facebooking, tweeting and sky ping coming behind all of that. It's a phone.

    2) A camera is a camera and not a phone

    Why don't we have these arguments about cameras? Why don't we expect our cameras to do everything our phones do but complain when they can't make a call without breaking up? Anyone who's serious enough about photography to care would buy a camera as well. A phone camera was intended as a quick way to take photos, not as a full camera device.

  • No, phone camera quality is at an acceptable level already

    Phones should not focus on photography, as one of the main problems is the fact that they will always be outclassed by real cameras; being able to clearly see a face and background should suffice, and oftentimes pictures are taken without a steady hand as well, which causes most of the problems to begin with.

  • Phones Need Longevity

    Going to the store buying a phone is suppose to be beneficial for the owner, and now when you have the person behind the counter, just wanting to make a sale they will tell you anything, then her you are stuck with a phone that has problems because this salesman wanted to make a sale. Phones need to now be build with meaningful parts that last a long time, Camera, Video, sounds, storage, for all the money that a customer pays for an item. There are to many phones being made with to many problems.

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