New iPad coming a month after the iPhone 6: Is the iPad still buzzworthy?

  • The Ipad is still buzzworthy!

    I believe the Ipad is still buzzworthy. The Ipad has it's own following and while the timing may feel like an Apple overload, there are still the tride and tru users that at waiting patiently for it's release. Apple is notorious for making their new products better and better. The Ipad, I am sure, will not disappoint.

  • No, The new iPad is not buzzworthy.

    Two versions of Apple's iPhone 6 recently hit shelves across the world. One version is compact and better suited for the traditional iPhone user. The other version is significantly larger and designed for an enhanced gaming or movie viewing experience. I feel that the larger iPhone, also known as a Phablet, will take the place of a bulky iPad. In addition to the iPhone 6, Apple also released a brand new device-- the Apple Watch. Apple currently has a full roster of products available to the masses; a new iPad would be overkill in my opinion. Now is not the time to release a new iPad.

  • No, the iPad does not deserve that much buzz.

    Apple's marketing strategy has failed them as they are releasing the new iPad much too soon after the release of the iPhone 6. Due to the negative reaction the new iPhone received upon release, the iPad's release is not going to receive that much positive publicity in light of the change in public perception of Apple products.

  • iPad is a big name, but a thing of the past

    I believe the iPad is great, however everyone makes tablets these days and a lot of them are far cheaper in price than the ipad. Why pay so much for a ipad when you can get a tablet from another company with the same power , or even more power.

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