New iPhone 6: Are the added costs of cellular phones, rather than landlines, worth the cost?

  • cells better than landlines

    Yes they are definitely worth the cost. Compared to landlines you can take your phone with you absolutely anywhere. It is not rooted to one spot in your home. Phones these days also have so many different capabilities such as the Internet ,camera, texting and just so many more things than landlines.

  • Prices of Cell Phones too High

    The prices of the cell phones are too high in the beginning but adding on the contracts that lock customers in makes it even worse.Having a land line is much better for those at home more often, like the elderly for instance. Plus having a landline is a safety alternative.

  • Life was more free back then.

    It was so much fun to hear the phone ring at home and wonder if it was for you. It was so much fun to have the extra cash in your pocket, because the phone bill was $50 instead of $200 for a family. You can instant message your family whenever you want to, you don't have to have a smart phone to call them for free. I prefer the days of landlines.

  • All up to the consumer

    There are people out there, I especially know some, that simply MUST HAVE the newest "hot" form of technology, and are willing to spend the money on it. I think this implies strongly towards the iPhone 6. Personally speaking, I do not think it is worth the cost, but that is just me.

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