New iPhone sells fast: Are Apples, the phones, better than apples, the fruit?

  • Apple Iphone trumps an Apple a day!

    What a silly question. Apples the phones are of course better than apples the fruit. An apple is a food group, it's comparing apples to oranges. The new Iphone sold out because it has benefits that far outweigh the fruit. Communication and organization are key to low stress and the Apple phone provides both.

  • Apples (the fruit) are much better than Iphones.

    Fruit apples are much better for the average human than iPhones. Apples are nutritious sources of fiber and vitamins. iPhones are overpriced status symbols whose benefits can be acquired far less expensively with the purchase of an Android phone. With the exception of food allergies, in every case an apple is better for a human than an iPhone.

  • Phones and fruit cannot be compared.

    Apple the company makes good products. Nature makes good fruit. I don't think that Apple products will be able to stand the long test of time that fruit apples have. However there is nothing wrong with enjoying iPhones and iPods while they are still around to enjoy them. Let's just have fun with both fruits and phones.

  • Real Apples rule

    1. Apples do not release green house gases in their production process or produce dangerous non bio degradeable waste following consumption
    2. Apples can be enjoyed at no extra charge. No network subscription, itunes costs, app costs or accessories needed
    3. Apples do not require a continuous supply of energy to function, except for your trip to the location needed to acquire them
    4. Statistics related to people using apples for bullying and criminal offences is by far trivial as compared to cyber bullying, identity theft or oother

  • Fruit is nutritious.

    No, I do not believes that Apples, the phones, are better than the fruit, because the fruit apple is good for you to eat. It has a value of nutrition that makes you stronger and healthier. An Apple phone just gives you something to play with. It is more for entertainment than for anything else.

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