New ISIS video: Are ISIS deliberately trying to attract Western members?

  • ISIS are always looking for new members

    ISIS are always trying to gain new members and would love to expand to more Western members. I have no doubt that the new video was used to try to get more people to enjoy their cause and joing the fight. They would love to keep adding more and more people and get as big as strong as they can.

  • Because it works.

    Yes, the new ISIS video is a deliberate attempt to try to attract Western members because there is good reason to attract Western members. Western members are very helpful in perpetuating terrorism. They know about the United States and they are legally able to be in our country. There is good reason that ISIS wants them.

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    I'm not sure if the newest video is trying to intentionally get Western members, but I very much believe they would be open to anyone who takes up their cause especially if they can inflict damage on the United States or the Western World. This is a very desperate crisis which hopefully doesn't get any worse.

  • I Have My Doubts

    I do not believe ISIS is trying to deliberately attract Western members. They are simply looking for more people to join their cause and belief system so they can become stronger. ISIS is more extreme than Al Qaeda and they represent a new battle for the majority of the western world.

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