• Yes, I believe fitness trackers are just a fad

    Yes, I believe fitness trackers are just a fad. Like any other piece of technology, everyone wants one when they are new. Once the novelty wears off, you will only find the hardcore fitness people using these devices. Jawbone will need to find a way to keep these devices fresh in order to avoid the inevitable future of these devices.

  • Wearing a jawbone right now

    Im wearing a jawbone right now (mine is the exact type in the picture), and it works great! With new technology, it can track sleep accurately, by detecting tiny movements and me when I was in deep or light sleep. It accurately measures step and helps me gain weight. So, yes Its not a fad

  • Disagree - Fitness trackers will save on insurance

    I can see fitness trackers in the future being used by insurance companies to check peoples fitness for a period of time before offering discounted insurance. Because of this, the novelty of actually purchasing these for personal use could be eroded, and replaced with a requirement to wear one. Another reason I feel these are not just a fad is because in the future, I can see the need to wear one before a doctors appointment, so the doctor would have vital statistics before the appointment even commences.

  • Fitness trackers are not a fad.

    Although a recent trend, fitness trackers are not just a fad that will quickly fade. Due to the increasing accuracy and tracking capabilities, fitness trackers are becoming a part of many people's lives. The trackers make it easy to assess movement vs. calories consumed as well as track other important health markers.

  • No, I dont think fitness trackers are just a fad.

    No, I dont think that fitness trackers are just a fad because there are alot of people who don't enjoy going to the gym and being watched by other people so I think that these trackers are the perfect opportunities for the people who do small excersizes during the day vs. going to the gym it will help them keep track of their fitness.

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