• Yes being gay is not a mental health issue

    This is simply wrong to do, making people believe there is something wrong with them when they are just being themselves will create problems. It is not a disorder every credible medical association has spoken out about this, by having to state and reinforce the obvious that it not a disorder that can be "corrected". It should be illegal everywhere

  • All states should ban gay conversion therapy

    Gay conversion therapy is inhumane, cruel, and abusive. Studies have shown that these practices cause significant emotional and psychological harm to participants. By insisting that being gay is "unnatural," groups that support gay conversion therapy destroy the state of mind of young gay and lesbians people. There is no reason to allow such practices to occur, and all governments should make it illegal.

  • No, people should get the treatmen they want.

    No, other states should not follow New Jersey into banning gay conversion therapy, because people should be allowed to try whatever kinds of treatment they think will improve whatever they think will be a problem. People should be able to choose whatever treatments they think will suit them. The government should not decide what is good for them.

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