New Missouri law makes Grade School fights a Felony, resulting in up to a 4 year sentence: Is this new law going too far with punishment?

  • Utterly ridiculous and intolerable

    If you think that this is going to keep the youngest who don't even have an understanding of jail from fighting you are absolutely wrong.

    Bullying is going to happen no matter the rules put in place. This just means that the bullied is likely to go to jail for being picked especially in a school that says it is the kids own fault he was picked on. This will surely effect their development and could turn someone who would have been a productive member of society into a criminal.

    This would also be a means to threaten students as a lie saying someone hit could result in jail time.

    The story doesn't mention anything about distinction in intent or damage done either. You might make a case for older kids doing truly significant injury but that is about it.

  • Yes, I think so.

    They doesn't care. They hates poor people and wants them imprisoned. Let's be clear, if rich kids get into fights, their parents hire lawyers to get the felony charges dropped. Poor families can't afford to do that. Like most laws, this one is designed to trap poor people. They love more laws that are more and more punitive.

  • The law is ridiculous.

    Most children will get into silly fights when they are at school and it rarely leads to them developing a pattern of violence when they grow older and have matured. The new law could potentially cause children to enter the prison system and emerge hardened and more prone to violence than if the matter had been dealt with by their schools and parents.

  • They are just children.

    When a child chews a cheese sandwich into an image of a weapon, they don't understand what they are doing for the rest of their life. They are upsetting their education forever and there is nothing they can do to prevent it. This is too harsh of a penalty for young children who don't know what they're doing.

  • This is cruel and unusual punishment, a simple detention would do

    These are kids. This is heavy-handed and wrong. Is getting into a fight wrong? Sure, but they're kids. They're immature. You want to saddle someone with a criminal record and send them down the school-to-prison pipeline over a little mistake when they're a kid?

    The best punishment for getting into a fight in grade school is a simple detention. Make the kid stay after school and write out "I will not get into fights." 50 times on the chalkboard, and make sure it's a screechy one.

  • No, it was time.

    The law in Missouri that makes grade school fight a felony that attracts a jail term of up to 4 years is the best thing to have ever happened in violence control in our schools. This fights have resulted in serious injuries and sometimes even deaths. This will put a stop to all that.

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