New mother Kelly Clarkson: Is too much pressure placed on celebrities to achieve perfect bodies immediately after giving birth?

  • Yes, there is way too much pressure on celebrities to return to pre-birth form.

    As any woman who has given birth can tell you, pregnancy almost invariably means putting on a lot of weight, and once the birth is over, shedding that excess weight is easier said than done. For most women, this is just a fact of life, and some of the extra weight just stays. Life goes on. But celebrities don't have that luxury, and it really is a shame.

  • Yes, celebrity mothers face too much pressure to lose baby weight.

    Yes, society places too much pressure on celebrity mothers to lose weight and get back in perfect shape immediately after giving birth. Despite reasonable expectations that any woman would gain weight during pregnancy, the spotlight of scrutiny over celebrities to maintain a perfect physique is unrelenting even in the earliest stages of motherhood.

  • yes it is!

    Pregnancy is exhausting, having the baby is insanely exhausting! After having the baby, not only is mom recovering from pushing the baby out and labor, but also trying to take care of him/her when they wake up every 30 minutes to an hour. Working out after really should be important, but it should NOT be to lose weight and be in a perfect body right away. It should be to get back to being healthy.

  • Yes, far too much pressure is placed on celebrities to achieve perfect bodies after giving birth.

    Kelly Clarkson has stated that she is in no rush to get her pre-baby body back, but that hasn't stopped critics from pressuring her to rush into weight loss. There is far too much pressure placed on celebrities to achieve perfect bodies after giving birth. This pressure is placed on celebrities at a time when they should be adapting to their new duties as parents; not worrying about their bodies.

  • There are pressures but most people can understand and relate to the celeb mom

    As everyone knows it's important to keep yourself in good shape if you're a public person. But most everyone also knows the hardship of giving birth to a baby and the weight that comes along with it. Therefore, majority of our populations can sympathize with Kelly and they are willing to give her time to get back into her pre-birth body.

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