New movie Diablo: is this low-budget western going to be a season surprise?

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  • Diablo will flop

    Underpromoted and unrecognizable Diablo will not be a surprise to anyone when it pulls low reviews. Though westerns can be interesting to some, they require some kind of hook for others to care and Diablo sadly does not have something that can appeal to the masses. Sadly, this western is not poised to take off this season.

  • No, Enough With The Eastwoods

    To me it seems that Diablo is hoping to ride on the success of the Eastwood name (Scott Eastwood being its lead). However, a brand name can only get you so far, particularly when, firstly, young Eastwood lacks talent, and, two, you are working within a genre already rife with cliché and bland heroism. I don't think this film will succeed, it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

  • Not gonna be that big

    There are a lot of western movies and it is already hard for a western genre to be sensational hit. Even big budget movies like the Hateful 8 from Quentin Terrintino is struggling to make it big in the box office so i dont think this movie will do very well.

  • Diablo looks deriative and pedestrian

    Recruiting the same themes and actors of many movies before it, this western does not blaze new trails. Instead it looks to be a violent retelling of an age old tale of revenge and redemption. It will not surprise people. It does not seem to remake the western in a way that would be surprising. It may be fulfilling if you like horses, guns and chases, but it is not updating the Western.

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