New News For Brexit: Can Scotland and Wales Intervene in Article 50 Triggering?

  • Yes, they should be able to

    I do not know much about the Brexit situation. Neither am I very familiar with article 50. I do however know that Scotland and Wales are countries that have their own rights. They might as well be looking at an independence. If they need to intervene, i'm sure that they probably can.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Scottish and Welsh government lawyers sat in as observers on the first judicial review that led to next month’s supreme court hearing. Parliament has the right to determine the triggering of article 50.The Welsh government was the first to call for the right to intervene, on 4 November, but it, unlike the Scottish government, has accepted the decision to leave the EU, after Wales voted narrowly in favour of Brexit.

  • Yes they can

    A court has given lawyers from both Scotland and Wales permission to intervene in Article 50 case, over Theresa May's decision to ban MP's from voting on Brexit. So the case will now become a battle about the scope of and status of all three parliaments in the process, and the other two countries can intervene.

  • Yes they can

    I strongly believe that Scotland and Wales can intervene in Article 50 triggering. I truly believe that they will have the best ruling. Since the Lawyers for the Scottish and Welsh governments have been allowed to take part in the supreme court case over Theresa May’s decision to bar MPs from voting on Brexit, we should have faith in them.

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