• Harder to repeal good laws in eyes of public, easier to repeal bad laws

    The structure and basic rights (usually in constitution) would be untouched. Everything else would be fair game. Currently, a bill can become a law if quorum's (those present in parliament/congress) majority vote yes on a bill. This means that with a quorum of 218 out of 475 for US House of Representatives, only 110 out of 218 (quorum - out of total 475) can send bill to Senate to be repeated. Never mind that this is far from an absolute majority. With the new system, a bill that passed that way could be easily repealed by a larger plurality (larger majority of the quorum). For example, a bill that passed with 110 out of 218 (real total 475), could be repealed with same number plus one, regardless if more or less representatives are seated. This means that the bill could be repealed with 111 out of real total of 475 since the quorum at passing was 218. Likewise, if a bill passed with 450 out of 475 (everyone was present for voting), the bill could only be repealed by 451 out of 475 (could make do with 451 as quorum if everybody voted to repeal).

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