New poll shows drop in confidence in Trump: will people begin to trust him once he takes office?

  • Trump in "prove it" mode immediately

    Donald Trump has a lot of work to do. And he will do it. Although I did not vote for Trump, he is an effective businessman and will make good business decisions. Many of the questions currently are solely focused on his character and his selections for cabinet positions. Once he gets in the White House and gets down to business, if he does a good job then people will trust him.

  • I don't think he can regain the people's trust.

    Trump has proven that he has a thin skin and this is what's stopping people from having confidence in him. Trump isn't just going to develop a thick skin because he is sitting in the Oval Office, he is still going to rant on Twitter. Everyone should be wary of him.

  • I don't think people will begin to trust Trump when he takes office

    This is only the beginning. Those who voted for Donald Trump are going to quickly come to the realization that he will not be able to follow through with most of his campaign promises. The 2016 election was a game for him and he didn't hold any punches in order to win. Now the American people are left to deal with this problem for the next four years.

  • He is not a good leader.

    Trump has not shown an ability to put his temper aside since he has been elected. It's unsettling that he calls out specific people on Twitter. Someone needs to take his Twitter feed away. Companies shouldn't have to worry about upsetting the President because he'll say something bad about them on social media.

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