New report: Nearly a quarter of men in Asia-Pacific admit to committing rape. Is rape an epidemic?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Rape is an epidemic.

    I believe that nowadays rape has become a worldwide epidemic. Many times women are raped and people want to
    blame the rape victim instead of the rapists.
    In some cultures, rape is tolerated and not even considered a
    crime. In countries like Afghanistan,
    there is not even a word for rape.

  • Rape is indeed an empidemic through many parts of Asia.

    Yes, rape is epidemic in many parts o the world. It's especially big in places like Asia (especially India) where women have a traditional role in society. As those societies industrialize, women will hopeful assert their proper role within the society. As long as those societies remain rural and underdeveloped, women's rights will be neglected.

  • Rape? A disease?

    I believe rape is a symptom of some deeper problem here...
    Rape itself is terrible, but instead of getting so upset, we really need to be looking into what is making people rape one another.
    I think apathy and malice are the real epidemic here.
    I voted no, because the big picture is more important.

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