New START Treaty: Is the New Start nuclear arms reduction treaty a good idea?

  • Yes, the fewer nukes the better.

    Yes, the New Start nuclear arms reduction treaty is a good idea, because fewer nukes will be made. The world had to do something in order to reduce the number of arms in the world. It was proper that the United States decided to be a leader in the reduction of arms. Fewer nuclear weapons makes the world more peaceful.

  • Yes, the New START Treaty is a good idea.

    While the New START Treaty ostensibly deals only with disarmament, limits and regulations for the United States and Russia, critics claim that backing down weakens the strategic position of the United States in relation to Iran and North Korea, who are purportedly seeking nuclear arms. This is a facile argument, hinged on the notion that somehow more is better, that having more nuclear weapons makes us stronger and that only nuclear weaponry counts. It ignores the idea that having any nuclear weapons at all coupled with the means of delivering them at range is a place of strength, and it also ignores other forms of attack. Decades-old nuclear weapons pose safety hazards both in the United States and in Russia. Decommissioning these weapons represents both the desire to remedy these hazards and to deal with political problems through peaceful means. That is not weakness. That is the very definition of strength.

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