New technologies boost viewership, but traditional TV is still king: Will the usefulness of traditional TV decrease over time?

  • Yes, it will

    I already watch more tv online and via netflix than i do on regular cable television. Cable never really has anything I want to watch, or I can't watch it because its on at a specific time. I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want online. Netflix is also great because I can wait until entire seasons of shows I want to watch are on and watch more at a time!

  • Traditional TV will decrease but not extinct

    As we know, technology has been constantly imporving everyday. Most of us nowaday own a electronic devices that enable viewing of video. Even live streaming are now possible with your smart phone. Despite all these features that the smart phone devices provide, tradiitional TV would not be completely replace by the smart phone devices as it is also constantly improving interms of its technology. However, it would certainly decrease in sales as the younger generation would be technologically more advance in which allowing them to be better equiped with the latest technology in which allowing viewing of videos at their finger tips.

  • Tv will decrease

    Yes I do think that the usefulness of television will decrease over time. A our technology becomes better and the youth of today become adults the television use will decreases. We will favor mobile television on tablets and phones or the usefulness of computer television were we can stream on the Internet.

  • No, I think there will always be a place for traditional tv.

    No, I think there will always be a place for traditional TV. I think the nostalgic factor alone will keep people watching TV. I think its so much apart of how we live its really hard to stop. I think the feeling you get from sitting down watching TV is very fun and unique.

  • old is gold.

    All though there is great deal of advancement in technology these days which support digital viewing, people still like traditional viewing which brings family together to enjoy a show. They like to watch things as it happens. New and advanced technology has yet to reach the mass people mainly due to geographical and cost barriers.

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