New Twitter Profile: Is the new look better than the previous Twitter?

  • Always time for an update.

    Yes, the new look for twitter profiles is better than the previous twitter, because the new twitter allows people to have more individual say in what their page looks like. The new twitter allows for more style and personalization. The old twitter was good for tweets, but not very good for self-presentation.

  • No they are not.

    When sites try to upgrade their looks for the sites they usually fall short of the goal they were aiming for and twitter has done just that. It now does not seem as sleek and seems like it would be more aggravating to the eyes to look at over extended periods of time.

  • I Don't Like Twitter

    I do not like the new profile on Twitter, even though it does provide more information. I am not a fan of Twitter, although I do have an account. I find the whole platform useless and superficial. The communication is too broken up and irrelevant to use on a daily basis.

  • No, Twitter did not need an upgrade.

    Every time companies try to improve the user face of the technology to make it more consumer friendly, the only make it more confusing. The people who use the page are used to the old design. They will not want to have to relearn the basics of how to get their own page.

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